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Achieve cleaner, clearer skin with Tammy’s Microfiber makeup remover pads. Pads are designed to provide a deep, thorough cleanse, and yet they are soft and gentle, avoiding pulling or damaging the skin.

Pads are simple to use and clean skin in seconds. They can remove makeup with nothing but water

To use:

– Wet the pad with water
– Press down on the skin for 5-10 seconds
– Gently wipe the area for 5-10 seconds

Features include:

– Great coverage. The pads come in 3 different sizes.

– Thorough yet gentle. Microfibre material is soft yet highly absorbent, providing a deep clean without damaging the skin

– Firm with a sponge center. Microfibre lining covers a sponge center. Pads are firmer and more absorbent than towel-style alternatives.

– Simple to clean. Pads are reusable. They can be washed by hand with a cleanser or laundered in a washing machine. Do not tumble dry.

– Easy to store. The tag can be used to hang the sponge for storage or drying

– Lightweight and portable. Pads are easy to pack for travel

Includes 3 pads total: 3 Pink and white

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